Justice is truth in action.
— Benjamin Disraeli

Whether it be dealing with child custody arrangements, or drafting your personal will and powers of attorney, understanding your legal issue(s) is the first step taken at Laura M. Abitbol Barrister and Solicitor. We also provide notarial services.

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Cohabitation Agreements

Marriage Contracts

Separation Agreements


Child and Spousal Support


Property Division


Wills & EstateS

Personal Wills

Business Wills

Powers of Attorney

Succession Planning

Estate Administration

Laura M. Abitbol is smart, approachable, detail-oriented, extremely professional and incredibly fierce. She guides you through the process and makes sure nothing is missed. Working with her just felt easy. More than anything, she cares and will go to the Nth degree for her client. You will not regret hiring her for her services.
— D.E.
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