About Laura...

Laura is a proud and respected member of the Law Society of Ontario. Armed with two law degrees, one from the University of Montreal and another from the University of Ottawa, Laura is always ready, willing and able to work tirelessly in order to best understand your legal issue(s) as well as help you address them.

The legal process can be gruesome and challenging to navigate but it does not always have to be. Laura has a knack for ensuring her clients do not get overwhelmed and are a part of every step in the proceeding. Her goal is to actively listen and address the concerns of every one of her clients. 

If asked, she will often say "litigation if necessary.... not necessarily litigation"

Laura is driven and compassionate about helping those of all financial backgrounds seek the remedies they deserve. If you're looking for an honest and genuine lawyer who knows her stuff - give Laura a call!  She offers a 15 minutes free initial consultation.

In her spare time, you will find her at yoga studios, jogging along our scenic paths, relaxing on one of Ottawa's many patios or (doing what she enjoys most) volunteering her time with her husband in the local community.